Mice are not nice. They spread disease, ruin our food and potentially can do damage to our homes and businesses by gnawing on electrical wires and chewing through wood. They like to enter our homes in the fall and winter. Mice multiply very quickly so when you see one or their droppings it is time to act. Let us know if we can help.


Rats are always bad news. Like mice they multiply very quickly but are bigger, can also damage your home or business and are much more aggressive than mice. If you suspect you have a rat problem please call us. Our inspection will not cost you anything and our solution to the problem will give you peace of mind.


Moles are not rodents; they belong to the mammalian family as do shrews and hedgehogs.  Moles have pointed snouts; huge rounded front feet with stout claws that they use to swim through the soil; and a short almost furless tail.  Normally one acre of land supports one to three moles at a time.  It is possible for a mole to extend a tunnel 100ft. per day! 

We have had success eliminating moles with a new process and a new bait.  We are always happy to discuss a solution to your mole problem, our experts are waiting on your call.

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