Eliminate Bed Bugs and Sleep Peacefully Again!

Nobody likes the thought of bugs crawling on them at night and the bugs actually feeding upon them in the darkness. You feel violated; you might start itching just by the thought of bed bugs in your bed. The pictures above are of adult bed bugs. One is on a human hand the other is greatly enlarged.  Have you found these bugs on your mattresses?  Have you been bitten?

Sometimes bed bug bites swell up like mosquito bites and on other people there might not be a reaction at all.

What Can You Do About It?

Alright Pest Solutions knows how to eliminate pest insects like bed bugs.  Almost every pest control company in the United States is doing bed bug work. Some are successful, some are not. Some are knowledgeable about bed bugs, some are not. 

We know bed bugs.  Are we experts?  Well, we try to learn something new about bed bugs each week.  We are very confident in our knowledge and experience in successfully ridding houses, apartments and businesses of the six legged vampires. Our treatment protocol for bed bugs is fluid not static, we incorporate the latest technologies, the best methods and latest formulations of pesticides to combat this growing menace.   

In 2015 we had employees attend NPMA's Pest World in Nashville, the University of Kentucky's Pest Control Short Course, and all seminars presented by The Ohio Pest Management Association. We know the latest research results from North Carolina State University and the University of Sheffield, England. We have listened to Dr. Michael Potter the esteemed entomologist from the University of Kentucky and leading expert in this country on the subject of bed bugs.  

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Don’t Waste Money…

…On New Furniture 

Can you afford new bedroom suits for each bedroom?  We can’t either.  We will throw heavily infested furniture away but it is not an automatic part of our protocol.  We kill bed bugs.  We have box spring encasements available to be added to any treatment and all bed frames will have “blackout traps” placed under the feet of each bed. 

…On Do It Yourself Products

A lot of do it yourself products purchased may not even be labeled for bed bug extermination.  EXAMPLE: Insect bombs!!! These do not work on bed bugs.  Ask yourself where does the insecticide go when the bomb releases its contents?   Up in the air, right? Do you see any bed bugs up in the air? Bed bugs do not have wings, they do not fly.  So why use a bug bomb? Yes, it’s true some bug bombs say that they kill bed bugs.  You ever been lied to?

We use a limited preparation protocol.  This means the work you have to do before the treatment isn’t as demanding as some other companies.  Call 419-566-5897 and let’s talk about bed bugs and getting your quality of life back! 

We give free inspections and estimates and can even walk you through a do-it-yourself-treatment, coaching you and selling you some products.

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To learn more about bed bugs feel free to read the several blog articles on our website.

How Do I Know If I Have Bed Bugs? Let’s look for them. First we will look in the bedroom and specifically at the bed. They do not have the name bed bug just for fun.

How Do I Know If I Have Bed Bugs (part two)? 
Ok, now that you have looked the box springs over good lift it off of the bed frame and set it aside. Now examine the bed frame.

Can Bed Bugs Jump?
Bed bugs cannot jump nor fly. That is real good news. They can crawl, sometimes alarming fast and they can climb. However, sometimes bed bugs can become airborne when we remove our sheets and covers from our beds.

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