Enroll Today to Protect your Home from Unwanted Guests YEAR Round.....

Protecting your home against unwanted guests is critical during the Fall, Spring and Summer months.  

During the Fall... Insects’ biology tells them winter is coming and it is time to seek shelter. 

Our abodes make an incredible place to spend the winter.  Even the coldest house is warmer than outside and the majority of insects and spiders find the accommodations to their liking.  Putting a barrier down around your house to ease the amount of insects that enter your house is an excellent form of control. 

Enrolling in our Gold Pest Protection Program provides that barrier ...year round!  By enrolling in our program we'll protect your home with a barrier Fall, Spring and Summer.  

Once enrolled in our Perimeter Pest Protection Program...if you see unwanted bugs or insects* anytime throughout the year...simply call us and we'll come at no extra charge.  Your on call pest solution!

Some of the infamous winter time creepy crawlers wanting to move in with us are:

  • Asian Lady Beetle
  • Brown Marmorated Stink Bug
  • Boxelder Bug
  • Western Conifer Seed Bug. 

Every year we homeowners should follow a few simple steps to reduce the number of unwanted guests in our home.

  • Caulk any cracks we find in our homes foundation
  • Make sure all door sweeps are working properly and weather stripping is in place 
  • Enroll in our Perimeter Pest Protection Program TODAY for protection year round!

The perimeter pest protection application will cut down on how many insects are successful in penetrating the walls of your home.    It is another weapon in your quiver for the ongoing battle against unwanted guests.  




*As us for details on the types of insects and bugs you are protected from with out Program.





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