Is Cincinnati still the Bed Bug Capital of America?

April 6, 2013

Is Cincinnati still the Bed Bug Capital of America?

Well, we have good news and bad news.  First of all Cincinnati has fallen to number 5 on Orkin’s 2012 list of the cities in America with the most bed bug treatments from January through December of last year.  So, you parents of college kids attending classes in the Cincinnati area can breathe a little easier.  However, Columbus, Ohio is now #6 on the list and we all know somebody attending classes of higher learning down there….GO BUCKS!

We do not intend to imply that college dormitories are infested with bed bugs; they are not anymore susceptible to the little vampires than any other type of structures we humans live in.  Sometimes college students are not as particular about where they sleep as they should be, especially while they are on spring break and bed bugs travel very well from warmer climates to the home cities of Midwest college kids.  If your student comes home from their much deserved vacation from studying with a bag, box or suitcase full of soiled laundry DO NOT INTRODUCE THESE CONTAINERS INTO YOUR NORMAL ROUTINE OF LIVING!  If at all possible place their suitcases or other clothes carrying receptacles in the garage or outside under a patio roof or someplace where they can be quarantined.  Without delay place the items that have come home into a trash bag and transport them to your dryer and place all items that will not be adversely impacted by high heat on a 30 minute cycle.  The high heat setting will kill all forms of bed bugs including their eggs.  The containers themselves if you decide to keep them may be placed inside of a large black trash bag, tied shut and placed inside of a motor vehicle on a sunny day.  The temperatures inside of cars easily reach the lethal range to kill any insects hanging around on suitcases or bags.  Leave them in the car all day to be sure of the bug’s demise.

  Now, for the bad news.  Ohio is still the number one state in America according to Orkin for bed bug infestations.  Number 8 on the list is the Cleveland/Akron/Canton area and Dayton comes in at number 11.  We have 4 distinct cities or regions named in the top 15 rankings.

We are trying to keep track of the amount of calls that come in for estimates for bed bug relief; so far for 2013 we have averaged 6 calls a week.  We are concerned by the amount of inspections and then estimates we give that the people cannot afford to have done.  We do some charity cases but the volume of infestations out there that are not being treated is disturbing.  North Central Ohio has a significant bed bug problem with Mansfield, Bucyrus, Galion, and Ashland leading the way at least by our account.  In reality bed bugs are in every town.

To conclude Orkin’s survey; Chicago was the new #1 city in America for bed bug treatments last year, Detroit, Los Angeles, and Denver round out the top four.  Cincinnati and Columbus as previous mentioned are 5 & 6, Washington D.C. is #7, the Cleveland Area #8, Dallas/Ft. Worth #9, New York # 10, Dayton #11, Richmond Va., Seattle, San Francisco,  and Raleigh/Durham bring up the end of the list.  Remember, they are just bugs and we will prevail!

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