How can I save my yard from Moles?

March 16, 2013

                                              How can I save my yard from MOLES?


Until recently ridding yards of moles was very difficult and the majority of Pest Control companies did not do the work because the cost and high rate of failure kept both the customers and the exterminators away from trying.

Moles are not rodents.  This unique little creature that tunnels through the earth to find ants, beetle grubs, and earth worms to eat belongs to the mammalian Order Soricomorpha as do shrews, and hedgehogs.  They are not a pest that infests buildings.  We only notice them when we step on their tunnels and our feet sink down into the underground path they have created or we notice the mounds of dirt in our beautiful yards and landscaping that they have pushed up.  The moles that bother us in Ohio have pointed snouts; greatly enlarged, rounded front feet with stout claws that they use to “swim” through the soil, and a short nearly naked tail.  They are 5 to 8 inches in length with velvety fur. 

Mating season for moles occurs during the months of February and March.  Their gestation period is six weeks with a single litter of three to five young born later in spring.  Young moles may stay in their birth families tunnel system up to six months before establishing their own burrows and territories close by (which is way better than some humans).  Usually one acre of land supports one to three moles at one time. 

Here is the reason you think you have hundreds of moles.  They rarely stop looking for food.  If you have teenage boys you are familiar with that trait.  One mature mole can produce a dozen or so mounds in a week making you think you have many.

The good news is that Bell Laboratories has developed bait and some new traps to rid our yards of these powerful digging animals.  It is still not easy to obtain a mole free yard but pest control companies willing to learn about these new tools and persevere in their application will be successful in restoring your yard to mole free status.

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