How Do I Know If I Have Bed Bugs (part two)?

January 20, 2013

How do I Know if I have Bed Bugs (part two)?

Ok, now that you have looked the box springs over good lift it off of the bed frame and set it aside.  Now examine the bed frame.  Bed bugs really like wood and fabric, they can climb on those surfaces very easily.  If your bed frame has slats to support the box spring and mattress pick them up and look at the underside and at the place they occupied on the frame.  Often bed bugs will be found there.  Look inside any holes or creases within the bed frame.  Check out the legs of the frame and be sure and look at the bottom of the leg.  Usually the foot of the leg will have a button attached on the bottom to protect the carpet from the leg.  Bed bugs can be sitting in the crack between the button and the bottom of the leg.  Any crack or crevice in the mattress, box springs, or bed frame is a potential resting place for bed bugs.  If after looking at all of these areas no live bugs, dead bugs, shed skins, fecal spots or stains have been observed you can breathe a sigh of relief. 

At this point for ongoing peace of mind I recommend the installation of monitors on your beds.  The easiest to install is the “Climb Up” monitor.  These simply go under every leg of the bed and prevent bed bugs from crawling up the bed leg to gain access to your sleeping spot.  The outside of this monitor and others like it have material on the outside that the bed bug easily climbs.  Once the bug reaches the top it falls into the “moat” and cannot reach the bed leg as it is in the walled off center section of the “Climb Up” monitor.  Bed bugs cannot fly or jump so they get onto our beds by climbing up the legs, blankets that are touching the floor, or by ascending the wall that the bed is touching and simply crossing over to the bed.  Most Pest Control Companies have these monitors and would be happy to sell them to you and install them if you wish.

Now that you feel better about the absence of bed bugs in your bed it’s time to check the couch and any overstuffed furniture you may have.  Go slow and check all the cracks, crevices, flaps, and fabric edges on these items.  It is best to flip the couch over to view the flaps on the bottom of the couch and chairs.  Be sure to look under the arm rest.  Are you exhausted yet?

Most bed bug infestations are discovered when the sheets are changed on the bed or a rogue bug is seen crawling across someone on the couch and sometimes the first indication is reaction to bites.  We all react differently to insect bites.  I know of a man that had a heavy infestation of bed bugs and it was difficult to see bites on his arm, a woman I know had large splotchy areas on her arms where the bugs had bitten her. 

Keep watching but don’t fret.  These pest can be eliminated and we will get control of this national problem.   

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