How Do I Know If I Have Bed Bugs?

January 13, 2013

How do I know if I have Bed Bugs?

Part 1

Let’s look for them.

First we will look in the bedroom and specifically at the bed.  They do not have the name bed bug just for fun.  Starting at the head of the bed gently lift up the edge of the top blanket and look at both sides.  We are looking for live bugs, dead bugs, shed skins, their eggs, fecal stains, and fecal spots.

If you see insects on the edge of your blankets or sheets, on the side of your mattress and or box springs the odds are very good they are bed bugs.  I mean how often have you ever found an insect in or on your bed?    

Blanket by blanket, sheet by sheet carefully look at all of the edges (both sides of the edge) of all items on top of your mattress.  As you finish each blanket/sheet sent them aside.  The closer we get to the mattress the greater the chance of spotting a bed bug.  Now, look at the mattress.  Do you see the cord or braid running around the edge of the mattress?  Bed bugs really like to lie under that cord.  Look under that cord all the way around.  Most mattresses have two cords, one on the top of the mattress the other on the bottom check both.

We need to back up.  We have been looking for live bugs; their color will be caramel to a dark reddish brown.  When they first hatch they are white as is their eggs.  One of the surest signs of having bed bugs is finding a fecal stain or spot.  Bed bugs only take meals of blood so when they defecate it is a liquid that comes out, it leaves a dark gray stain.  The fecal spots are black dots of fecal material that are associated with bed bug resting areas.  Sometimes we find these markings before seeing a bed bug.  Ok, where were we, ah yes, the mattress.  Now depending on the size of the mattress you might want to get some help because it is time to take it off of the bed so we may examine the box spring.  Bed bugs like box springs.  They like to lie under the bottom edge against the bed frame; they like to lie under the fabric edge that is stapled to the wood of the box spring.  Look at the four sides of the box spring and at the bottom.  See anything yet?  Don’t worry dust bunnies are normal I don’t care who you are.

part 2 next week.     

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