Bed bugs by the Numbers

January 7, 2013

Bed Bugs by the Numbers


There are 6 sizes of bed bugs.  The first instars size or hatchling is 1.5 mm.  This little fellow molts to the next size after taking a blood meal.  The sizes of the other stages are: 2nd stage 2mm, 3rd 2.5mm, 4th 3mm, 5th 4.5 mm, and the adult size is 5.5 mm.  They must have a blood meal before molting to the next size.  The adults are similar in size to an apple seed.

Find a ruler and look at those measurements.  The eggs are 1mm long and white.  They are very difficult to see especially on a white background.

Bed bugs take 3-10 minutes to complete feeding.  They normally feed 2 to 3 times a week.  At this feeding rate a female bed bug can produce 30-35 eggs a week.

Eggs hatch in 6 to 17 days.  The time it takes a bed bug to mature to an adult is affected by temperature.  At 86 degrees it takes about 21 days from egg to adult.  Lower the temperature to 65 and 120 days are required for the maturation process.

Nymphs and adults can live for several months without food.  The life span of an adult may be 12-18 months with 3 or more generations occurring each year.

Just imagine 1 pregnant female bed bug in your home producing 35 eggs per week.  Yuck right?  It doesn’t take long for an infestation to happen.  90 days later those 35 hatchlings are now adults and reproducing (at 72 degrees give or take a day).  7 days later her 2nd week of egg production has reached adulthood and is reproducing.  It really starts to take off from there. 

Simply get into the habit of looking at the sheets, pillow cases, and mattress edges of your beds every 2 weeks.  If you see a bug, a dark spot, or stain call a pest control company for an inspection.  Most companies will look for free, I know we do. 

Our important numbers are: 419 566 5897.

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