Top Ten Exterminator Advice for 2013

December 31, 2012

10. Never eat at restaurants that do not have monthly Pest Control Service.

9.  Do not assume an Opossum is dead. The old saying “Oh, he’s just playing possum,” is rooted in truth.

8.  Never purchase a house or building of any kind without a licensed exterminator performing a wood destroying insect inspection on that property.

7.  Bald Faced Hornet nests are gorgeous looking and would look nice in your family room. However, the heat in your home may allow the unhatched hornets to finish developing and you will have some unwanted stinging guests.

6.  Lighten up on killing spiders. They eat a lot of insects. A good question to ponder is: What are the spiders in my house eating?

5.  Get into the habit of using one tube of caulk on your house each spring. The cracks and crevices you seal up will keep numerous insects from finding their way in.

4.  Always follow label instructions when applying pesticide yourself. Make sure the product is listed to kill the specific target pest.

3.  Always look into the toilet before sitting down. Something might be in there.

2.  Never plug a hole on the outside of your house that yellow jackets are using to get into their nest.  They will not be happy and neither will you. Call me!      

1.  Last but not least: BED BUGS really are an epidemic. All of us are potential victims in 2013. We have several articles in our blog archives about these insects. Please study up and be aware of the signs.  Early detection helps keep them from spreading. May your new year be a pest free year!  

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