Bed Bugs: Do it yourself or not

December 9, 2012

Recently the Centers for Disease Control issued a public advisory about the incorrect use of pesticides in the control of bed bugs. People trying to get relief from bed bugs are going the DIY route and using the wrong pesticide and too much of it. Not following label instructions in the use of pesticides is not only unsafe it is against federal law.

The decision to "do-it-yourself" must be followed by some time investment and research to discover what product is labeled to kill that pest, how to apply the product, and how often it can be applied. Just like in the use of medicine, more than what is prescribed is not better.  

Should you decide to use the services of a professional exterminator here are a few things to remember:

1.   Make sure they are currently licensed and certified to apply pesticides.  Ask for a product label of the pesticide and inquire how it will be used.

2.  The first thing the company should do is an inspection to ascertain the proper ID of the pest and then the treatment protocol should be explained.

3.   Alright Pest Solutions would be honored to be of service to you.

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