Can Bed Bugs Jump?

October 19, 2012

Bed bugs cannot jump nor fly. That is real good news. They can crawl, sometimes alarming fast and they can climb. However, sometimes bed bugs can become airborne when we remove our sheets and covers from our beds. Let me explain.

Bed bugs like to hang out close to their food like football fans on Saturday afternoons. Sometimes bed bugs are found under the top blanket on a bed or one of their favorite resting places is under the top cord on your mattress. When we change the sheets a lot of us rip the sheets off in one big fast motion. Bed bugs on the blankets or on the mattress may get flung into the air by this normal and yet violent act of changing our beds. Unfortunately for us this rarely results in the demise of any bed bugs but may introduce them to wonderful new locations such as your roommate’s bed, your reading chair, gym bag or purse. The fitted sheet on your mattress has elastic in it and that is what secures it to the mattress. Bed bugs under the cords on your mattress (most mattresses have two cords one on top and one on the bottom that go all the way around the mattress) may actually be catapulted into the air by the elastic in the sheet when the sheet is ripped off the bed. These airborne bed bugs are not flying (they have no wings), but are being propelled by the energy created by quickly snatching the old sheets off of the bed.

The lesson in all of this is to slow down, smell the dirty sheets and enjoy life. Take your time while changing the sheets and see if you can spot any bed bugs.

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