Do You Have Bed Bugs?

December 11, 2015

There are different signs that will tell us if an active bed bug infestation is happening in our homes.

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Yellow Jackets

August 30, 2013

The time of year has come when people begin noticing bees going in and out of their home or get stung by mowing over the entrance of an in ground nest. Worst case scenar

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Is Cincinnati still the Bed Bug Capital of America?

April 6, 2013

Well, we have good news and bad news. First of all Cincinnati has fallen to number 5 on Orkin’s 2012 list of the cities in America with the most bed bug treatments

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How can I save my yard from Moles?

March 16, 2013

Until recently ridding yards of moles was very difficult and the majority of Pest Control companies did not do the work because the cost and high rate of failure kept

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Where Do Mosquitoes go in Winter?

March 10, 2013

Mosquitoes do not fly south for the winter they stay right here in some form or another. Some mosquitoes overwinter as eggs, some as larvae, and others the adults simply

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How many bed bug jobs have you done in Galion, Ohio?

February 7, 2013

This is an excellent question as everyone is concerned about the pandemic of bed bugs whether you are in Bucyrus, New Washington, Galion, or anywhere within Crawford Coun

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Why Do Termites Eat Our Houses?

February 2, 2013

Well, that’s a great question. Here is my best answer. Termites eat dead wood that is their job. If you look around your neighborhood you will see somewhere a tr

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How Do I Know If I Have Bed Bugs (part two)?

January 20, 2013

Ok, now that you have looked the box springs over good lift it off of the bed frame and set it aside. Now examine the bed frame. Bed bugs really like wood and fabric, t

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How Do I Know If I Have Bed Bugs?

January 13, 2013

Let’s look for them. First we will look in the bedroom and specifically at the bed. They do not have the name bed bug just for fun. Starting at the head of the b

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Bed bugs by the Numbers

January 7, 2013

There are 6 sizes of bed bugs. The first instars size or hatchling is 1.5 mm. This little fellow molts to the next size after taking a blood meal. The sizes of the oth

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Top Ten Exterminator Advice for 2013

December 31, 2012

10. Never eat at restaurants that do not have monthly Pest Control Service. 9. Do not assume an Opossum is dead. The old saying “Oh, he’s just playing pos

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Bed Bug Top 15 Cities

December 26, 2012

This time of year we are bombarded with list of top 100 songs, hottest looking exterminators, best places to live, who made the most money etc., etc.

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Bed Bug Prevention Tips

December 19, 2012

Bed Bug Prevention Tips Check bed sheets for fecal stains, these are blackish gray in color and are absorbed by the sheet or mattress and tend to spread out. Bed bugs m

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Do Mothballs kill or repel all insects?

December 16, 2012

I have been in and under houses when the distinctive aroma of mothballs finds its way into my nostrils. Some people claim to like that odor, I am not one of them.

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Bed Bugs: Do it yourself or not

December 9, 2012

Recently the Centers for Disease Control issued a public advisory about the incorrect use of pesticides in the control of bed bugs.

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Can Bed Bugs Jump?

October 19, 2012

Bed bugs cannot jump nor fly. That is real good news. They can crawl, sometimes alarming fast and they can climb. However, sometimes bed bugs can become airborne when we remove our sheets and covers from our beds.

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Lesson from Grandpa: Carpenter Bees

October 12, 2012

My Grandfather was a wonderful gardener and he knew a lot of things about insects. One day as Grandpa was putting away some garden tools in his shed he batted at a large black and yellow bee that was hovering above his head.

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